Medical information for health professionals

NSAIDs and cox-2 inhibitors

  • Do older NSAIDs carry the same cardiac risk as cox-2 inhibitors?
  • In which patients does the gastric safety of cox-2 drugs outweigh their risks?
  • What is the best regimen for patients formerly treated with Vioxx?

Upper G.I. symptoms

  • What is the relative efficacy of H2 blockers vs. proton pump inhibitors for specific clinical syndromes?
  • What is the best regimen for eradicating H. pylori?
  • How long should a patient remain on PPI therapy?
  • What is the comparative effectiveness of different drugs in this class, and what do they cost?

Anti-platelet therapy

  • What is the recommended duration of treatment after different thromboembolic events?
  • When is clopidogrel (Plavix) preferred over aspirin?
  • Which patients with coronary artery disease should not take anti-platelet drugs?

Lipid-lowering therapy

  • Who requires treatment?
  • What is the right LDL goal?
  • Which drug therapy should be chosen?

Antihypertensive therapy

Type 2 Diabetes management

Depression management

Falls and mobility